Here are some thoughts from collectors and well known individuals. Read what others are saying about Diane’s artistic interpretation, use of color and the feeling tone of her work…

Your passion for art is exquisitely expressed through your beautiful paintings. I wish you the very best.

Tom Jones

Nationally Recognized Watercolor Artist

Your seashell watercolor is the focal point in my living room, and I look at it every day. It conjures memories of being on the beach and instantly calms. I love the contrasts of the blues and red-oranges that make it a stunning piece.

Your new work is just as stunning. You have continued using the blues which are my absolute favorite color, and the contrast with the shells is beautiful. It reminds one of coming across a secret pool amongst rocks and finding beautiful shells and creatures hidden inside.

Diann Spencer


Diane Prater’s work leaps off the canvas in a burst of color and detail that just says “BANG!” If you enjoy the ocean environment, you’ve got to add one of Diane’s pieces to your collection!

Bob Doyle

"The Secret"

I am knocked out by the art you have created! As I look at the amazing images, I feel drawn not only inside your picture, but inside myself to an immense feeling of gratitude for how VERY awesome this life is. I am very grateful that your art has opened my heart to feel Life’s beauty in a deeper way.

Mary Manin Morrissey

Life SOULutions, LLC


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